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Dolby Atmos & Sony Studios

ARK360º is located at The Crypt, London’s first studio with a Gold Standard Certified speaker system for both leading immersive audio technologies: 360 Reality Audio & Dolby Atmos. With unrivalled speaker set-ups for both audio technologies, we can guarantee the best possible immersive audio quality. 

This means that we can switch between technologies smoothly to ensure consistency and quality control across both formats. While Dolby Atmos leads the market for cinema applications, the 360RA technology has made broadcasting and live streaming in immersive audio possible. Meanwhile, there are benefits of both formats for music. So, working across both formats with ARK360º, your immersive music will sound exceptional everywhere, be compatible with every DSP, headphone and speaker set-up, commercial application and therefore reach worldwide audiences on every platform – from Apple Music to YouTube, via the radio, TV and cinema screens.

Our 7.1.4 “Gold Standard” mix room has been calibrated by Dolby at 85dBC, ensuring its suitability as a post-production studio for TV and Home Entertainment, as well as securing its status as a leading music studio. Kitted out with 3 x Adam Audio S3H (LCR) and 8 x Adam Audio A77X speakers and an Adam Audio Sub 2100, our studio sounds exceptional, with flawless frequency reproduction across the spectrum and crystal-clear fidelity at astounding loudness levels.

Our Reality Room is London's only available room with the standard 360RA speaker array outside of Sony HQ. Our 360 Reality Room, installed by Sony Japan's tech team, combines a 13.1speaker array build with Genelec 13 x 330 x Sub 735.

Unique & Unrivalled

The Crypt is one of London’s landmark studios, situated in a stunning mid-Victorian church, and comprising two recording and editing suites. The gorgeous building, steeped in history, lets in ample natural light, and is air-conditioned making for a setting that’s equal parts striking and stress-free.

The preeminent purpose-built studio is available for, both, attended mix sessions, and dry hire studio bookings which accommodate for demo sessions, pre and final mixing, as well as acting as a unique, unmatched venue for album listening and launch parties. Recent clients have included Clean Bandit, Dua Lipa, Arlo Parks, Jeff Wayne’s The War of the Worlds, and legendary Beatles and Bowie producer Ken Scott.

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