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Our 13.1 Sony 360RA Reality Room has been calibrated by Sony Japan and is the only 360RA room in London outside of Sony HQ. It is the only place to check out your 360RA audio and demo the cutting-edge 360RA software. Fit with with 13 x Genelec 8330A speakers and 2 x Genelec 7360A subs, RME MADIface XT and FerroFish Pulse 16 AD/DA converter, the studio sounds exceptional, with crystal-clear fidelity.


We are London’s only studio with gold-standard speaker systems for both leading immersive audio technologies: Dolby Atmos & Sony 360 Reality Audio. With unmatched speaker set-ups for both technologies, we can provide the best possible monitoring and, therefore, immersive-audio mixing.

ARK360RealityRoom_02 (1).jpg
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