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Psychoacoustics & Health

Sense of hearing is the first sense that humans develop. Psychoacoustic treatment is a burgeoning sector of psychotherapy. Research proves that sound therapy sessions – which comprise of experiencing specific tones and frequencies over duration – is an effective practice within physiological, neurological, and psychological therapies. Extremely beneficial in improving health and wellbeing, psychoacoustic treatment can be particularly effective for those with attention deficit (hyperactivity) disorders, auditory processing disorders, autism, developmental disorders, dyslexia, dyspraxia, neuro-divergence, pervasive developmental disorder, sensory integration disorders and speech and language disorders.

Immersive audio experiences can be engineered to stimulate the brain, provide distinct therapeutic effects, and induce meditative states of heightened awareness, mindfulness, and calmness. With repeated treatment tangible health benefits can be experienced.

Psychoacoustic treatment is available from mainstream healthcare providers. Patients can also be treated with our 360º psychoacoustic sessions in purpose-built professional environments, or vis our mobile 13.1 speaker system arrays.

At ARK360º we create original content and collaborate with leading meditation teachers, neuroscientists, healing artists, sound therapists, conscious music producers to provide immersive sound experiences and science-based audio experiences.

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