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Audience Sitting During a Concert

Live Streaming

What is the meaning of live? ARK360º is challenging preconceptions. Working in the immersive livestream landscape, we are set on translating the most exciting event experiences from the stage to your sofa. Bringing cutting-edge technology to concerts and producing next-level live streams, our immersive audio technology can bring a whole new audience to your concerts and give them an unforgettable immersive experience.

Bursting beyond venue walls, with 360RA technology, ARK360º can send the live-show experience from stadiums, clubs, and theatres to the home. At the vanguard of immersive audio, we can transform any gig, concert, theatrical performance, broadcast, playback, or virtual reality event into an immersive-audio enhanced ticket-worthy experience to watch or listen to from anywhere.

The merit of this technology is two-fold: producing revenue sources for artists through captivating and monetising larger audiences, while offering consumers life-altering access to their favourite artists and performers. 360º livestreams and broadcasts revolutionises both the live experience and live economy.


Broadcasting & Synching

As immersive audio begins landing on television and radio, you need to ensure your audio assets are suitable for commercial applications. With 360RA, broadcasting your spatial sound is now a reality. As London's major 360RA studio, we can guarantee great sounding audio fit for synching purposes, as well as aiding clients in live broadcasting festival performances, live sessions, radio plays, or anything else in immersive audio.

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