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Our 7.1.4 “Gold Standard” mix room has been calibrated by Dolby at 85dBC, ensuring its suitability as a post-production studio for TV and Home Entertainment, as well as securing its status as a leading music studio. Kitted out with 3 x Adam Audio S3H (LCR) and 8 x Adam Audio A77X speakers and an Adam Audio Sub 2100, our studio sounds exceptional, with flawless frequency reproduction across the spectrum and crystal-clear fidelity at astounding loudness levels.


Having completed the Dolby calibration, we are now London’s only studio with gold-standard speaker systems for both leading immersive audio technologies: Dolby Atmos & Sony 360 Reality Audio. With unmatched speaker set-ups for both technologies, we can provide the best possible monitoring and, therefore, immersive-audio mixing.

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