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Clean Bandit

Album Recording & Mixing
for stereo and immersive formats

Having already hosted the recording of the original album, ARK360º was commissioned to mix Clean Bandit’s album “What Is Love?” using 360 Reality Audio. After the first stage of mixing was undertaken by our team of expert engineers, the band began attending sessions. As a team, we were able to explore new possibilities of 360º mixing, with the musicians directing the process. With the band, we could mix each track to accent each musician’s personality. Moreover, with members of the ARK team involved in recording the original album, we were able to draw on our shared history and revisit old sessions. For the track “Rockabye”, we re-examined the original recordings – which had been made in our very same 360 Reality Room – and remixed new stems to place within the 360º field.

The result was an album mixed as the band intended for the listener to experience it: in immersive audio. This is the closest you’ll get to being in the room with your favourite band.

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